Sunday, April 8, 2012

Itty Bitty Haiku Style Easter Eggs

Teeny tiny eggs found while digging around the papaya tree this morning. Lizard or skink eggs?

It's Easter, time of spring renewal, church services, and egg celebrations. Even in nature, there are eggs everywhere, if you look hard enough. Okay, these are not typical Easter chicken or duck eggs and I don't feel like eating them, but I am delighted to find them. Call it a Haiku style Easter egg hunt. Try to find all the wild eggs that nature deposits.  

I also found a clutch of spider eggs this morning while sweeping the deck. They are tiny, and green. The entire cluster is the size of my fingernail. Happy Easter or whatever else you may celebrate!

The fuzzy green part covers over the egg cluster, but I moved it aside to see underneath.  There are a few separate eggs from the main cluster.
 I think these are Argiope Appensa spider eggs. 


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