Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art of Trash Buddha

Landfill Forest Buddha

This was my entry into Art of Trash this year. It received an Honorable Mention.  It started life as a kleenex box that was reinforced and embellished with a Buddha sculpted from modelling clay. I added some tree branches, glued trash around the sides and in the bottom, then entered it in the Hui No'eau Visualizing Green Exhibit last year. It didn't get in. Rejection. Ouch.

Original entry to last year's Hui Noeau exhibit 

But a friend suggested saving it to enter in another show. So I added more trash to it, glued part of a BMW emblem to it, some cutouts from packaging, foil from candy wrappers, glow in the dark stars, and several rusty clips from Lion Coffee packages. It just needed to be trashed up a bit more. The prayer flags from t shirt rags was the final touch. It is truly a reclaimed piece, in that it is a piece of art that was rejected once and then recycled again into another piece with even more trash. 


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