Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pillbox mural facelifts

Updated 6/22/12

I just realized that it's much easier to see the mural (or wall of graffitti) coming from Hana to Pa'ia, rather than from Pa'ia towards Hana. It's not that visible if you're headed towards Hana because it's blocked by trees. I've been calling it a pillbox, but I've also heard of it called a "block house" and "artillery bunker" (probably from WWII).

Just found out the Amateur Ham Radio League on Maui is having a big field day event tomorrow, Saturday 6/23 from 9 am to sunset there. They also have permission from the landowner to repaint the pillbox. 

Facelift of the #pillboxmural a couple of weeks ago.
Hau'oli la hanau (Hawaiian for Happy Birthday).

Redo of the #pillbox mural a few days ago.
Don't know who the "Supreme Beings" are. 


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