Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Used Bookstore

Maui Friends of the Library (MFOL) just opened a new, used bookstore at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center. Is it new? Yes, the store is new... but the books are mostly used, except for some of the Hawaiiana and selected topics. 

Mostly Hawaiiana at this display. 

Pull out drawers under the bookcases reveal even more books.
Last Saturday was their first day in business. MFOL also operates the original store in Pu'unene and the new (used) store in Lahaina, which opened last year. Prices are more at the Queen Ka'ahumanu store than at Pu'unene, because it's more upscale, the selection is more current, and the books aren't covered in red dust.  This is always a big plus, and it's a lot easier to find!  Click here for directions to the MFOL Pu'unene store

There are some nice big couches for couch reading. Hours are currently 9:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday, 10 am -5 pm on Sunday.  The plan is to have add more hours until the store matches the mall hours. A grand opening is planned for October. The MFOL book shop is located between Sears and Ben Franklin. 

Manager Alyka demonstrates the art of couch reading. Machelle is the other manager for the store. 

Volunteers are welcome, even if it's only for a couple of hours.  There's a large area in the back of the store, filled with lots of books to organize. There's also plenty of foot traffic. There were 10 - 20 people in the store, some of whom are too young to remember a real bookstore on Maui (and don't spend time going to Barnes & Noble in Lahaina). 

To find out more about the Maui Friends of the Library Queen Ka'ahumanu location, read these great posts by my fellow Maui bloggers, Linda of Celebrate Maui and Tania of Maui Shop Girl


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