Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheaper Gas, Ah Costco

On such a small island, everyone probably already knows about this. But since Maui is such a small island, it's actually newsworthy. Anywhere else, it would be no big deal, right?

It's official... maybe I'm the last to know?

Costco's new gas station is up and running. I don't know when it opened, but amazingly, lines were short. Monday's gas price at Costco was $3.99/gallon. Woo hoo! Since DH and I were already at Costco, like most of the island, we decided to check it out and fill 'er up. Then we stopped at Maui Oil Company, which usually has the best prices on island, and their lowest price was $4.09/gallon. A whole 10 cents a gallon. Maybe we saved enough to buy a cup of coffee!  Almost everyone who lives here has a Costco card, or has access to a friend with a Costco card. Ah, life in the big city, er... town...

A big  (ahem) deal for Maui - cheaper gas at Costco. 

Hours are better than the normal Costco hours, which usually are until 8 pm on weeknights and 6 pm on Saturday (also Sunday I think).

Gas station hours:
M-F 6am - 9:30 pm
Sat 6am - 8pm
Sun 6am - 8pm


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