Friday, July 6, 2012

Election Signs and Parade

Election Season is underway... there are election signs plastered everywhere - along highway fences in Kihei and around yards in Kahului. It's that time of year. I think some people collect signs just to decorate their fence line. I don't recall seeing any election signs during a recent mainland trip, so it seems to be a "local thing."  Hawaii bans billboards, but small signs are ok. 

Election sign madness.
P.S. These pics do not constitute endorsement of all these candidates, but I do like Elle Cochran, who pushed for the GMO labeling bill and opposed use of polluted well water

More Maui election signs in Kihei.

Anyone who is going to the Fourth of July parade in Makawao can also expect to see a lot of candidates walking in the parade and handing out candy or flags, or other giveaways. The parade is actually tomorrow, Saturday, 7/7, and was not on the 4th of July.  During the last election year, the parade was dominated by campaigners and politicians. It seemed that half the "floats" were political in nature. 

A collection of election signs along Dairy Road.
I've heard good things about Gil Keith-Agaran and will be doing more research on him and other contenders. 

My favorite moments watching the 2010 parade during election season were when local resident Auntie Mona walked up to candidates, and either hugged them, and shouted, "Great job. Mahalo for all your work!" or sashayed right up to them, accosting, "Hey, take care of our roads upcountry. We pay taxes too!"  Auntie Mona was the highlight of my parade experience. She grabbed candy from bags and threw them to the kids. She pointed out where the horses were pooping and made sweeping motions to parade marchers, while yelling, "Stay wide! Stay wide! Watch where you step!"   The 2011 parade was less political, and I didn't see Auntie Mona there, but maybe she'll be there tomorrow. If you see a very excited local Auntie jumping up and down and assisting with the parade, that's her. She's fun to watch.  

I wish I had a pic or video of Auntie Mona, but don't... Shoots!  But, here's a clip of the 2011 parade. Happy 4th of July - tomorrow, on the 7th of July!


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