Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mosaic Jack's Living Stickwork Fence and Fantastic Forest

Heart shaped anthurium flowers and spiky red bromeliads with striped leaves. 

I'm so pleased to finally share these videos and pics from last year. Throughout Maui, especially the less developed, rural areas, there are wonderful pockets of magic and creativity. There are amazing places with gardens or year round streams, bridges, sculpture - places where fairies might dance or angels might visit.  

Such a place is Mosaic Jack's hideaway in Haiku.  Mosaic Jack is a talented artist and landscaper who creates sacred space using his art and his plants. There are bromeliads of all types and colors, tree ferns, three-pronged composite leaf ferns, vanilla bean orchids, other orchids, anthuriums, gingers, ti leaf plants, and all manner of tropical plants that I still don't have names for.  

Magical moss spiral at Mosaic Jack's hideaway.

The moss spiral is also included towards the end of this video clip. 

Entrance to shamanic hut in a living stickwork fence.

The fence, which isn't visible, is made of sticks through which plants grow and entwine. It's like Patrick Dougherty's massive stickwork project at the Hui No'eau, but unlike that human nest-building/temple-making project, Mosaic Jack's stickwork fence doesn't need to be taken down when parts of it start rotting. Jack simply adds more sticks to the fence, lets more plants grow through the sticks, so it's very much alive, with moss and vines and entropy, living plants growing through older layers of sticks. New growth twining through old growth,  metaphorical of life and death.

The stickwork fence shows up much better on video:

Outdoor mosaic by Mosaic Jack. 

A stack of prayer stones. 

The land is very peaceful and magical. Mosaic Jack agreed to have these photographs and videos shared to inspire others to create beautiful spaces throughout Maui. Maybe I can persuade him to do a tour for one of the sustainability or garden groups. 

Bromeliads branching out...

High up in the trees, a face looking down. 

Last video of Mosaic Jack's magical forest:

I could go on and on about the beauty of this place, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. I do want to note that doing video work can be a bit challenging, especially when there are sounds in the background.  As peaceful as Mosaic's Jack's forest was, I spent a lot of time gnashing my teeth watching the videos and hearing my loud elephant footsteps disrupting the gentle hush of forest moss and bird sounds. Recently, I discovered how to convert mp4 to mp3 so that I could capture quiet bird sounds and tree rustling to snuff out the background noise of my stomping feet.  Technology is also magical, and I'm happy to share Mosaic Jack's magical garden art with the rest of the world. 

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous and peaceful place to visit. I love beautiful gardens and your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


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