Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bipolar Summer of Rain - Is it Over?

Is it raining again? That's been the daily question in Haiku.  Or the "you gotta be kidding" version of the same question, when the rain clouds are gathering in a tight gray fist overhead, "Do you think it might rain?"  As if asking the question would lead to some other answer. 
Of course, Haiku does get a lot of rain - so does Huelo, further up the road, and all those other little townlets all the way East to Hana. Rain. It's a blessing or a curse. Rain allows for lovely lush greenery, jungle foliage, clambering vines, cool weather. Rain allows for mildew, mold, dankness, wetness, muddy toes, clumped spices. Rain... 

Rain makes for lush greenery in Haiku - Monstera or Swiss Cheese plant, elephant ears, and unknown large leafed vine. 
Our summer so far has proven to be unusually wet.  Our neighbor exclaimed, "Wow, I can't believe how wet this summer has been. My rolling papers (which he leaves out on the covered lanai) got all stuck together. All winter long I've left them out and they were fine."  Then he remarked that it's time to go back to using envelopes that don't have the sealer on the edges, but the other kind with the removable plastic strip to reveal the sticky part. Since envelopes are getting stuck again. 

I've heard rumors from old-timers that the last several years - at least eight - have been unusually dry for Haiku. Just not as rainy as they remember it, and that new people ought to be warned that just because it's a sunny day in Haiku, it doesn't mean that's the way the weather is. 
This is the wettest summer that I recall. It's been kind of bi-polar through most of June and July. Bi-polar meaning the rainy weather has been schizo. In one day, it pours, then stops for 5 minutes and is super sunny, then the clouds come in again, and it's drizzling, then a few minutes later, it's sunny and clear. Like 10-15 times in one day. So offbeat and unpredictable, I'm not sure whether I can start an outside project - like making sun tea or not.  

So far, August is stepping in on sunny tip toes. This weekend, the weather's been very nice and sunny for both days so far, except for rain at night - which is typical. Maybe we're finally getting some dry summer weather in Haiku. 


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