Monday, August 27, 2012

Derelict Montana Beach House

For years, I didn't know the name of this derelict home at the edge of Baldwin Beach. It was just the "abandoned mansion," a very swanky looking structure on the far right of Baldwin towards Paia.  One rumor was that the County of Maui revoked the permit for the house during construction or shortly after.  

The Montana Beach House, which graced the east side of Baldwin Beach for years.

Zen yin-yang graffiti at the Montana Beach House

The Montana Beach House is the folly of Baldwin Beach. A folly is an extravagant building or structure built on a whim or as a conversation piece, especially popular in old England.  It looked like a whimsical playhouse for adults, the perfect place for an all night beach party or for romantic kisses by the sunken hot tub filled with sand. 

More art graces this abandoned beach structure.

Over the years, it has been covered with some of the most intriguing graffiti (or outdoor art) on island. While some people wanted to see it converted into a youth or community center, others wanted it removed.  

Things take a long time to play out on Maui - so it's been at least a decade of back and forth hand-wringing.  Just a few days ago, the County voted to tear down the beach home at taxpayer expense. 

Zebra art riddle at Baldwin Beach. 
The home was custom-made and quite beautiful.

While it's not a must-see in any Maui guidebook, I'll miss its strangeness. 

Update 4/9/16: This structure has probably been completely demolished and stripped by now. For years, different nonprofits wanted to use it as their headquarters, but the County of Maui finally decided to demolish it.

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