Monday, September 24, 2012

Stone Cookies - A Local Favorite

Stone cookies don't appear on Maui all the time. Their appearance is unpredictable, based on the whims of the bakers, the buyers, and the delivery people. "Oh, let's see, hmm, when shall we bring stone cookies to Maui? When the winds are blowing from Kona, the moon is halfway in the sky and waning, Haiku has had 3 sunny days in a row (ha!), and the lehua trees are blooming under a double rainbow."  It's pretty random. They are made on the Big Island, in a little town called Mountain View which is close to the volcano.  Even on the Big Island, the bakery hours are a bit whimsical, since they often close at 2 pm or whenever the cookies are sold out.

Stone cookies from Mountain View Bakery,
the stuff of tooth-breaking legends.

During a school trip from Oahu to the Big Island, the bakery was a special and scheduled stop in the itinerary. Just about everyone in my 7th grade class poured out of the bus, bought at least one bag of stone cookies, plus extras to give to relatives and friends back home. 

Aptly named, the cookies are hard like stones, bigger than my fist, and they last very well unrefrigerated. There are at least three varieties - original, chocolate chip, and raisin. 

Most locals dunk them into cold milk, hot chocolate or coffee. They are not really intended to be eaten straight because you might break a tooth. Or you could gently gnaw a chunk very slowly until it softens up. 

Where to buy stone cookies on Maui?
Look at the sale racks at Longs Drugs or Pukalani Superette. Every now and then, you'll see a display of stone cookies on sale.

Yellow and white bags of stone cookies on sale.

I spotted them recently at Pukalani Superette and they might still be available there.  Good luck!

Here's another short article that includes some history of the stone cookies


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