Saturday, October 6, 2012

Handmade Pasta in Makawao

Get your fresh pasta here!

Pasta sign right on Makawao Avenue coming from Kula.
I've recently spotted signs for handmade pasta along Makawao Avenue, often on Saturdays. So I stopped to check it out. 

Maui Pasta is very much a cottage industry, since right outside the house was another sign, a table, and a cooler with pasta inside. The pasta was $5 a bag and I didn't have exact change. No one was around, so I knocked on the door and gave a holler. 

I didn't see the sign originally because it was flipped over. 

Yum. But I didn't have exact change and no one was at the table.

Maui Pasta founder posing with sign. I think her name is Tammy but am not quite sure and the website is not finished yet! Tammy studied art and cooking in Italy and loves making pasta.
She is making pasta in a certified kitchen. 

The basil pasta that I brought home. Made two days ago, so I needed to make it tonight or freeze it.  Expect to see more Maui pasta at either the Swap Meet, the Kula Upcountry Farmer's Market, or in local stores soon. 

Swiss chard clam sauce basil pasta for dinner that night. The photo doesn't do it justice. The pasta was ono (delicious)! 


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