Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late Night Geckos and Noni Flowers

Late night gecko poised on a flowering noni fruit.

Geckos eating noni flowers late at night is one of the eeriest - and oddly beautiful - sights I've ever seen. They stalk the flowers and slowly lick, sip, and slither around the budding flowers and fruits. Plus noni fruits are just plain eerie and spooky to begin with. They are a highly beneficial fruit, but it's hard to give noni away to anyone because the taste is so sour and cheesy. And the fruit looks like it comes from an alien planet - it's bumpy and oddly shaped. But the Hawaiians prized the noni plant enough to bring it with them by canoe to Hawaii, since every part of the plant has medicinal value. 

This week's photo blog hop is on Eerie Beauty, hosted by Maui Shop Girl.

Also, this is Day 1 of Nablopomo, National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo November 2012


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