Monday, October 8, 2012

One Love Farmer's Market in Paia

One Love Farmer's Market Sign on Baldwin Avenue as you come up from Paia towards Makawao, about a mile or two up from Paia,
at the old Paia Train Station.  This is before the La'akea Farm Stand.

According to their other site, open M-Sat 10 am to 6 pm, not Sundays. 

The old Paia Train Station - the Farmer's Market is to the left, not visible in the picture. The train station also has other  shops and a yoga studio. The former Rambutan, a very cool furnishings store used to be where the yoga studio currently is located. 

Lilikoi (passionfruit), pineapples, and unripe apple bananas.

Price list of local fruits. 

Garlic, napa cabbage, cucumbers, cabbage.
I'm not sure if all these items are local.

Sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, onions, and ginger. Sweet potatoes, onions and ginger are probably local but local (russet or yukon etc.) potatoes are not that common at Maui markets. 


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