Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poha Berry Mini-Breakfast

These are poha berries in Hawaiian, but also known as cape gooseberries, or ground cherries.  I only had a few of them so mixed them with some organic yogurt, local raw honey, and granola for a mini breakfast snack.
They are pleasantly tart and not overly sweet.
Poha berries gathered from the bush, or sprawling poha berry plant. They are related to tomatillos and conveniently have these wonderful wrappers which protect them from bugs, like the ever present fruit fly!

A poha berry sliced in half to show the seeds. You can grow more poha berries from seed.

The poha plant growing from a pot on the deck. It's a sprawling plant.
Recently I replanted it and it has a ton more berries.  Just like other plants and trees, if you give it more fertile soil and a bigger pot 

(or a good place in the ground), it will produce more fruit. 
The poha berry is extremely easy to grow in Hawaii.

Where to buy poha berries?
On Maui, Mana Foods usually has a small shelf of them in the produce section. If you can't find them, just ask. Kula Hardware also has poha berry plants for sale. 
FYI, this blog is part of Maui Shop Girl's photo challenge for breakfast photos -  there may be some other cool local breakfasts there. 


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