Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Acerola Cherries

A handful of acerola cherries. 

Yes, acerola cherries grow on Maui.  They are not true cherries, but  a subtropical fruit that is sweet and tart, at least the ones I’ve tried at the Hali'imaile Community Garden. Our community tree flowers and fruits erratically. It may not be quite warm enough – or cool enough? – for them to prolifically fruit. Also, they are super rich in vitamin C, and are a component of some (usually more expensive) brands of vitamin C powder or pills.  Acerola cherries or berries have numerous health benefits.  

Here are some photos of the acerola tree blooming and fruiting during mid-October:

Acerola berry duo.

Flowering acerola cherry. 

Yes, ants love acerola berries!

Acerola tree - maybe 10 feet high.


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