Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bleary Eyed Election 2012 Research

My mom who lived, breathed, and slept politics used to say that in Hawaii, the Republicans and Democrats are all backwards from on the mainland. She claimed that the Republicans acted more like Democrats and the Democrats acted more like Republicans. And there’s some truth in that. Like with Governor Neil Abercrombie, who has in my eyes acted more Republican than Democratic. So I don’t usually vote down party lines, because the candidate can be a member of a certain party but act in very different ways. And the tricky thing is you can vote for someone who says all the right things, and then …turns into a wild horse once in office… I’m thinking of the reign of mayor Charmaine Tavares, who had heads rolling with her crackdown against vacation rentals and home based businesses.

Voting on Maui is often held at community centers. 

Hawaii, by the way, generally votes along Democratic lines, especially for Congress or President. But we have had a Republican governor, Linda Lingle, who is now running for US Senate. That's an interesting race, and may affect whether the Senate is Republican or Democratic. 

So it’s that time of year… Going to vote tomorrow, and mostly know who I’m voting for, but realized there are a few candidates that I really didn’t know much about…How to separate the hype from real stuff? The lies and stuff people say to get elected versus what kind of people they are? So, I just spent all morning reading candidate bios, researching election guides, and reading about proposed Maui County charter amendments.

Also, there are many people running for OHA trustee positions, including a friend of ours, Carmen Hulu Lindsey. DH and I went to one of her events but I wanted to check out her opposition. Strangely enough, any resident can vote for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, even if he/she is not of Hawaiian descent. 

Here’s a short list of election guides, candidate information and endorsements from left, right and center:

  • From the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, an election guide that includes other candidates besides the ones running for OHA. Again, you have to play with the magnification and page settings. It’s a lot of pages and rhetoric to dig through.
  • CivilBeat has a list of candidates, and lots of other election reading.

I would be negligent to not include the donkeys and the elephants, so here you go:

Some candidates on Maui are shoe-ins… like Mike Victorino will probably win for County Council again because he’s the dad of Shane Victorino of Philadelphia Flyers fame. Others are running unopposed, or have been in power so long…

One further note: I looked at the list of OHA candidates really seriously for the first time just because I know someone who is running. It’s a shame that both Rose Duley and Hulu Lindsey are running for the Maui seat, because I checked out Rose’s bio and like it, but my vote’s going to Hulu. Hulu is currently anOHA trustee, appointed by Governor Abercrombie when the OHA trustees couldn’t agree upon a replacement for the retired Maui trustee. The governor asked her not to run for OHA elections and she agreed, but a group of other OHA trustees petitioned the governor to let her run because she had been very helpful in some ceded land settlements because of her real estate background.  No one else on OHA had a real estate background.  My experience is that she’s an honest person who says what she thinks and doesn’t snake around, but I wish I could vote for Rose Duley too. 

Oh, one other note: I really like Elle Cochran who's running for County Council. She sponsored the GMO labeling bill and I generally agree with her politics. 
Carmen Hulu Lindsey OHA Flyer


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