Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween "Redo," Coconut Cowgirls...Oh Sandy

Can you have a Halloween party after Halloween, and will anyone show up in costume? That question was on my mind as we were getting dressed for Three’s Bar and Grill’s Halloween “Redo” party in Kihei. The original party, the Saturday before the tsunami warning, was cancelled. So Three’s decided to redo Halloween.  Friends of ours had invited us to the original party, and then to the “redo.”  Luckily for us the tsunami didn’t happen, although the East Coast got hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, and I feel a bit shallow writing about fun on Maui when I have friends going through some tough times over there.

When something bad happens whether it’s a wide-scale tragedy or a personal tragedy, it seems that the world should sober up and the sun should stop shining. But it doesn’t work that way. The world keeps spinning its merry way. People keep making babies. People go to parties. People celebrate.

Lots of people showed up in costume at Three’s, people who didn’t get enough of a Halloween fix in Lahaina. Halloween addicts. 

Mickey Mouse like you've never seen him before.  
Initially, just a few people in costume, but more and more outfits as the night wore on. There’s an inside dance area at Three’s with the usual party music, black lights, strobe lighting, people gyrating. That was okay for a while, but the better part of the evening was sitting out on the deck in the parking lot listening to singer/songwriter Meaghan Owens.  She didn’t have a large audience, but she didn’t seem to mind. 

Dressed in a red devil costume, she made up lyrics on the spot and told stories about girl fights in Texas and the coconut cowgirls on Maui. She definitely has a feel for the rural lifestyle here.

Anyhow, I’m writing this as election results are being posted, and I just needed to write something light and fluffy. Even if it’s rough elsewhere… my friend in New Jersey emailed me that gas is being rationed and she stood in line for an hour and they ran out of gas. Her cell phone hasn’t worked in days.

“The house sustained some roof damage.  As long as it doesn't rain we are ok. We have many large downed trees and a fence was crushed.  I spent the past week chain sawing and trying to fix up the yard.  I'm using the wood for firewood since we have no heat and now it is 30 degrees at night.  

All in all we are lucky.  We are by the shore and many others had their homes washed away.”

If that’s not enough, she wrote “There is a nor'easter storm scheduled to hit us tomorrow.  Part of our roof is lifted from the hurricane.  Every roofer is mad busy.  So I'm going to try and nail it down today before the next storm hits. “  

Hopefully, the storm won’t hit, and they will get their power back soon. So life goes on. Halloween gets celebrated after Halloween, and the next day may bring tsunamis that don't happen or storms that do.


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