Sunday, November 11, 2012

Groovy Tuesday, After the Election

Sure it’s not Tuesday, but it was Tuesday a few days ago, and it will be Tuesday again!  The pillbox mural at Ho’okipa changed again for Election Day, but we didn’t see it until a few days later.  

Election Day mural at the Ho'okipa bluff.

DH and I were driving to Kahului on Saturday night before the election and we saw people stealth-painting the pillbox around 8pm. It was a tempting photo op of two shadows with portable lights standing over the white background.  They had obviously just painted over the previous mural, which was a birthday greeting. I've been a bit lax with posting updates on the mural so that may be the topic of another blog post. 

Hawaii voted fairly predictably, mostly along Democratic lines. I’d say even the Maui County results were fairly predictable, as discussed in an earlier election post 

Mazie Hirono did beat out former governor Linda Lingle for the Senate seat. A friend posted this on Facebook recently, referring to the late Patsy Mink who was a representative from Hawaii for many years. 

Anyhow, election season is over. No more political ads, mailers, nasty Facebook or twitter posts, or election signs dotting the highway. Now, that's worth celebrating.  

P.S., The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is offering a free showing of ET tonight. 


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