Friday, November 2, 2012

Melloween in Pa'ia Town

Paia’s Halloween was even more mellow than last year's event. There was no real celebration, but some stores were open later and giving away candy. There were some folks dressed up strolling the streets but overall, the crowds were in Lahaina.

A slack key guitarist was sitting near the Bank of Hawaii playing some beautiful music. I wish I had taken a picture of him. There was nothing raucous about the evening. The only scantily clad person I noticed was a slender female in lingerie complete with garter belts and stockings, which I’m sure the three Maui policemen she was flirting with really enjoyed. I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself. Lahaina is where people go to see lots of skin, to the chagrin of more prurient residents who have tried to wonderbread-ize the West Side's Halloween.

Flatbread refused to serve anything past 7 pm, saying the Liquor Commission was shutting them down early.  Milagro’s was already closed too, and I think so was the Fish Market. But CafĂ© Mambo was open and a steady stream of people flowed in and out, like the foam on the tides. Charley's, of course, was open. 

I took fewer pics too this year... but the last pic was worth hanging out in Pa'ia.  

P.S. Just linked up to National Blogging Posting Month or NaBloPoMO for short. The idea is to blog daily throughout November. We'll see how well this goes... I'm including a link to A Maui Blog, Beachwalks, and The Ohana Mama

The best pic of the evening: artist Tom Sewell, Michelle Sewell, and their friend. Michelle's sign is hard to read in the pic. It says "Romney Hood: Take from the poor and give to the rich." I think Michelle's eyes are not this color, but that's what the red eye correction did. 


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