Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Landscaping and Garlands

A picture post for today... holiday foliage and landscaping around Maui. 

Protea garland from the Waldorf School Holiday Faire. Protea are the flowers in the middle that look like feather dusters. 

Another holiday garland from the Waldorf School Holiday Faire: Christmas berry are well-named because they are red and produce fruits around Christmas. They are NOT edible. 

Poinsettia at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center. Not sure what the white and green striped  plant is. It's beautiful though, and popular here.

Just for fun: a Christmas serrano pepper in my garden. I have never seen a pepper do this, half red and half green.
It really looked like this - I didn't photoshop the pepper. 

Holiday poinsettia bushes growing outside in Haiku. The classic red poinsettia and the less familiar white poinsettia with small flowers and leaves. Very poisonous. Growing next to Hawaiian ti leaf plants. 

The yard with the red and white poinsettia bushes. Very patriotic with a flag. And it's tropical too, with the pink hibiscus plant up front. 
Another shot from the Hali'imaile Community Garden. These are ginger flowers and buds. Actually, I don't see any flowers, just the buds, but they look pretty cool. This is the same edible ginger used in food. 


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