Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quonset Hut Art Studio in Haiku

Often, road signs will announce studio sales,
especially during the holiday season.
Artists abound in hidden studio hideaways in upcountry Maui.
This particular studio, Maui Monkey Business, was located towards the Makawao end of Haiku.
Enchanting entrance to a hidden Haiku studio,
flanked by plumeria trees and heliconia.

I loved this screen print on paper... It was on the wall of the studio.
Not sure if it's persimmons or oranges. 

Beautifully hand dyed and screen printed trivets and runners.
Lau'ae fern on the upper left, then lehua blossom in red and pink,
then a mermaid.
These are designs by Maui Monkey Business.

Colored yarns and t-shirts.

Supplies:  silk screens. Just the tip of the iceberg.
Around the corner is another small room with shelves of hand dyed fabrics.

Inside the quonset hut studio space. Artist Linda bent over her textiles.
The space is well-lit, and this is one of the surviving quonset huts
from the WWII military presence on Maui.
Linda hand dyes each piece of fabric and then prints her patterns.
What a great space to create in!

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  1. I love her workspace! The trivets are great. I've always enjoyed handmade trivets but I no longer need them because I have granite countertops rendering trivets unnecessary.

    Thanks for the share Courtney.


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