Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surfboard Santa and Beach Christmas

Surfer Santa with all his surfboards (outside Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport in Kahului, on the road from the airport). He's doing a "shaka" sign with his right hand, a friendly greeting here. 

Sandy Christmas Tree with coral and lava rock ornaments
Dragon on Christmas Day at Kamaole III (aka Kam III) Beach Park in Kihei.

Snowman or Sand "Snow" Man with Surfboard at Mama's Fish House in Paia.

Another way of spending Christmas Day, with grills, shade tents, and coolers at Kam III Beach Park in Kihei.
A lot of Maui folks use the public beaches for holiday gatherings.
Christmas Day was overcast and kind of voggy, but no one got sunburned.

You might also like the Haiku International Santa display with artwork of Santa surfing Jaws (a spot famed for its killer waves)! 

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  1. Love the Christmas tree sand sculpture!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


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