Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surreptitious Baldwin Beach

I stopped by Baldwin Beach outside Pa'ia on a late January afternoon and was intrigued by this young couple contemplating each other's faces. I felt a bit surreptitious taking a photo of them, but I loved their expression and body language.  
BTW, this blog post is linked to a "Water" Photo Challenge this week
The far left side of Baldwin Beach towards Kahului. Ironwood tree skeleton near the water. Baldwin is one of the best beaches on the North Shore with a classic sandy shoreline and waves.  To the far left is Baby Beach, a protected cove which got its name from young mothers who brought their infants to play in the calm waters. 

Sunset glow at Baldwin Beach. Handy dandy restrooms and showers.
(Not all beaches have this in Hawaii!)

Far right side of Baldwin Beach, another protected cove with hippies, young people, and swimmers who like the shallow waters.  If you keep walking to the right, it runs into Pa'ia Beach. Inland but still on the beach, there's an old derelict building that the county is going to tear down. Ironwood trees are in the background. 
Parking area toward the lifeguard stand. There must have been lots of rain, since it's all flooded. Warning: this place can be a bit funky after sunset, so please don't hang out at night. I know people who've camped on this beach and had their tent ransacked. Actually, camping here isn't even allowed.
All in all, though, this is a gem of a beach.


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