Sunday, February 24, 2013

After the rains and flash floods

After the rains, the muddy ocean at Ho'okipa on Saturday.

Upcountry Maui experienced a spate of intense rainfall a few days ago. Thursday and Friday were particularly bad, with flash flood warnings for areas including Pukalani, Makawao, Pauwela (Haiku). Pukalani usually doesn’t get that much rainfall compared to Haiku, so when it’s pouring in Pukalani, it’s pretty bad. Friends who live near dry stream beds were next to rushing waters.

There was some damage. Maliko Gulch got flooded. A cottage and shed on Bob Flint’s property at the top of Maliko Gulch (inland a few miles, towards Makawao) got washed away. The Sacred Garden at Maliko lost the outdoor Chartres style labyrinth and clean up efforts are underway. Also, the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project lost housing for its interns.* Donations and help are welcome by all the nonprofits.

Muddy closer to shore, blue farther out. 

On Saturday, the ocean water near Ho’okipa and Mama’s Fish House was brown and muddy, from all the flood water coming from Maliko Gulch and elsewhere.  Only farther from shore was the water actually blue. One person remarked it was like chocolate water, but it didn’t deter the windsurfers.  

Muddy parking lot at Ho'okipa

*Info courtesy of @mauiplantgirl, @cpstout, and @swianecki on Twitter.


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