Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aquaponics Farmer's Market in Haiku

New farmer's market sign across the street from Colleen's.
Market is located where the original Haiku Farmers Market started up back in September 2011, next to North Shore Cafe.  Hours seem to be in transition. (Yes, that's a good Haiku phrase.) I'm not sure when New Earth Aquaponics is open or even if they are still open. I stopped by in late January when I first saw the signs along Kokomo Road near the cannery and have not seen their signs much lately.

Update 2014: This Farmers Market has been defunct for months.

Aquaponics style greens, meaning they are grown in water, but not hydroponically. The plants are fed water that fish  have lived in, and the fish food is organic or whole-foods based, including coconut. Plants are grown in a ball of earthworm castings. Helpful bacteria is added to the system.  Aquaponics farmer Eddie insists that he does not add any chemical inputs. He also teaches aquaponics and sets up aquaponics systems. 
Baby romaine lettuce growing aquaponically.
Coconuts are also available to buy. 

Aquaponics farmer Eddie holding two heads of young lettuce.
He sells three heads of Romaine for $5. 

A demo cooler of the fish used in Eddie's aquaponics system.
Variety of fish is unknown. 

Other produce includes citrus, passionfruit , squash, and turmeric roots (orange roots on the bottom left). Eddie says he does accept other produce but has to know that it has been grown organically and that the farmer composts garden waste.

Basil and other herbs are growing aquaponically. 

The aquaponics set up is along the left side of Northshore Cafe in Haiku.
I hope to hear back from Eddie to find out more specifics about his hours and what inputs he adds to his aquaponics system. 


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