Monday, February 18, 2013

Farewell Maui Bake Shop

The Maui Bake Shop was a Wailuku institution, a spot of French blue and white striped brightness in the "urban scape" of Wailuku. Although Wailuku is not exactly urban, as the seat of government for Maui County, it has a certain presence and dignity amid historical layers of paint. 

I have to briefly commemorate the Bake Shop because it closed as of last December, after owner Jose Krall died in a plane crash. A French trained pastry chef, he made lovely tarts and sweets like the one below. 

Alas, fruit tarts no more... 

There are hardly any French pastry shops on Maui, so it's a bit sad to lose the Maui Bake Shop. I am still nostalgic for Cafe Marc Aurel, a bohemian coffee shop that also offered many varieties of wine and cheese but was closed after the Immigration and Naturalization Service deported Marc a few years ago. 

Farewell, Maui Bake Shop. I wish I had eaten more dessert there.  I guess I'll have to spend more time at Moana Bakery and La Provence. Jose, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying la douceur de vivre.

Tarts and pastries in the window.
Scones and croissants and muffins.

That familiar old sign for the Maui Bake Shop. 

A friendly menu outside. 
Not just sweets but also sandwiches. 

Breads and rolls. 

Crab and rabbit shaped breads. 

More truffles and tarts. 


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