Monday, February 25, 2013

Maliko Gulch Farmers Market

New farmers market at the bottom of Maliko Gulch, off of Hana Highway, just before Haiku. A Hawaiian sovereignty group appears to be organizing this particular market, since there are also Kingdom of Hawaii signs.  
These signs are fairly recent, within the last few months.  
Sometimes there is a huli huli chicken stand here as well. 

Maliko Gulch Farmers Market, originally open Saturdays 10 -3. 

Update January 2014: This Farmers Market is not really active. There may be some booths with coconuts to buy (they will crack them open for you and give you a straw to drink) or huli huli chicken, but it's no longer a real market due to issues with parking. The county of Maui apparently did not like the potential for traffic problems due to people pulling off the side of the road to park so close to a major and fast moving highway.

Update 3/26/13: The market is planning to be open on Mondays instead!
Looks like the number to call is 808-419-1570 for more info.

Oranges, herbs, avocados are among the offerings here. 

Maui honey is available, so is mamaki tea, big bags of kale,
and other greens.
(Sorry, these pictures are not the best... I was in a rush.) 


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