Friday, February 15, 2013

Maui Open Studios: Erica Franz of the Painted Seahorse

Imagination sign hanging above Erica Franz's design studio,
Painted Seahorse
Erica's illustrations using India Ink and wax pencil on clayboard.
Per Erica, there is no need for glass frames.
In the background, there is a creative screen made
with recycled tennis rackets. 

Backyard of Erica Franz's studio.
Painted blue pots, rocking horse, stars and window frames.
This turned out to be a very fun studio visit, with the studio art presented in a beautiful and cheerful space, both indoors and outdoors.

Whimsical fabric mermaid on a chair, 
a gift from a friend to inspire Erica's creativity. 

Erica posing with her paintings and sculpture.  I asked Erica what her day looks like, and she said that when she gets into an intensive creative spurt, she can start at 6 am and work all day to 6 pm, and not realize that much time has elapsed! This can even go on for a few weeks! But she sometimes takes a month off. Besides illustrations, Erica also does graphic design, including invitations, wedding announcements, posters, and ads. She also paints murals and is excited about
making fabric with her designs and other projects. 

Side entrance to Erica's Painted Seahorse studio in Makawao.

Embellished mannequins with antlers, tennis racket screen, clothespins above. An inspiring studio space for a talented artist. 


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