Friday, February 22, 2013

Maui Open Studios: Tiny Ceramic Lids by Kevin Omuro

What intrigued me about this ceramic piece is that it had such 
a tiny lid and opening. 

At the Maui Open Studios Weekend One, Artist Kevin Omuro explained the technique to make this very small opening and lid. I think he said this technique was from the Yixing masters who made traditionally small teapots. The Yixing teapots were made with slightly porous clay, and it was important to wash them without soap, or it would affect the taste of the tea.

o       Create a closed, hollow form.
o       Place a slab of clay on top, then cut out a small opening through the top layer of clay – this will become the top or the lid. 
o       Then cut a second, even smaller opening underneath the first opening. The smaller, lower opening provides a support for the lid to rest on.

Kevin showing the lid of the ceramic vessel.
It's very small with a little knob on top. 

Kevin makes other very organic forms with clay, like sculptures that are hollow and hold "stones." They remind me of upright, but flowing pea pods.

Two years ago, the Hui No'eau Arts Center in Makawao held a joint exhibition for Kevin Omuro and painter Sidney Yee. 


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