Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter for Spring Chicks

Fluffy baby chickens, only 5 days old.
Parsley and Rosemary I think are their names.
They are wild chicks whose natural mother wouldn't take care of them.
A short, sweet Easter post. 

Baby chicks cuddled up in my friend's arms.

Uncle Simon watching the baby chickens.

Simon's pretty warm. The chicks love cuddling under his fur. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makawao Farmers Market - Moved!

The Makawao Farmers Market has a new location on Olinda Road.
It moved two weeks ago.
The market calls itself the original Makawao Farmers Market 

because the location they used to have, 
in the empty lot across from Rodeo General Store, has been taken over by a new vendor, 
who supposedly doesn't sell local produce.

This market is still on Wednesdays, from 10 am to 2 pm,
on the grounds of historic Po'okela Church on Olinda Road.
I got there kind of late, after 3 pm,
because I totally forgot that it was Wednesday
and I happened to be in Makawao and saw the signs for the market.
Best to get there way before 2 pm as the vendors like to pack up early,

 especially if they are sold out.
It's the same group of vendors from the old location on Baldwin Avenue.
Kale farmer Debbie explains that
the market also outgrew its original location...
with more and more vendors.

It's a great location with plenty of room.
To join the market, contact Debbie at 808-419-1570.
She said I was welcome to post her number online.
Debbie also organizes the farmers market at Maliko Gulch

which will now be open on Mondays instead of Saturdays.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Diamond G Mural at Ho'okipa

Diamond G mural at the Ho'okipa World War II pillbox.
I'm posting this picture to show that I'm still alive,
though working on the A to Z Challenge for next month.
Maybe it's supposed to be Super G, like in Super Man,
but the diamond shape may also refer to the brand of popular rice called Diamond G rice. Who knows?
The side panel is referring to the
March on Monsanto that happened last Sunday.

The mural got repainted a few days later with more anti- Monsanto action.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Makena - Big Beach Graffiti

This is an old World War II bunker at Big Beach, at Makena State Park. 

It's on the left side of the beach if you're facing the ocean. 
There's plenty of graffiti on all sides. I think of graffiti as public art.
On the top, I think the Makena Underground is a music group. 
On the right side is painted Makana
probably referring to the popular singer in Hawaii, 
who also created music for the Occupy Wall Street Movement,  

I'm not sure who Andy Chapman is, or if it's Randy Chapman on the left. 
The name does sound familiar though. 
There's a big music scene on Maui, but I'm not the most knowledgeable. 
I have no idea who Justice, Case or Melin are.

This side of the bunker says "Maui Skimmers."
That's either the name of the company or just referring to skimboarding on Maui, 

which is pretty popular.

Big Beach has an annual "Save Makena" skimboard competition every summer. 

Here's some pics from 2011.
There was a contest in 2012, but I haven't found any good pics of it.
The competition helps to promote awareness of the issues facing Makena,
since it's been threatened with development over the years.

Makena is one of the best undeveloped beaches on the island.
No public showers, no flushing toilets
but there is a Jaws food truck in the first parking lot.
The surf break at Big Beach is also incredibly dangerous and
I've seen people come out on stretchers. 
The bunker set in context against the beach.
No palm trees on this beach, but lots of thorny kiawe,
which is Hawaii's version of mesquite.

More graffiti on the back side. Not sure what any of this stuff means. 

A classic view of Big Beach from the hill between Big Beach and Little Beach,
 both part of Makena State Park.
The bunker is somewhere on the left, midway down.
If I wanted to photoshop this photo, I'd remove some of the people, 

but this is how crowded it gets on a typical sunny day on Maui.
This view is looking South towards the Big Island of Hawaii.
I think it might be barely visible here, but it could also just be clouds. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ripe Bananas Are NOT Cat Food

It’s been one of those weeks, so I’d like to post something light and sassy.

Recently, two banana trees both fruited and turned yellow at the same time. One thing about banana trees, is that when they start turning yellow, it's just a few bananas. Then they ripen exponentially. One day, 3 ripe bananas. The next day, 9 ripe bananas. The next day, they are all ripe and falling off.

Here is my cat demonstrating how cool she is in the midst of all this banana ripening.

My nonchalant smart-aleck cat surrounded by bananas. 

The only way to prevent bananas from ripening too fast is to hack or saw off clusters or “hands” of bananas and put them all in different places while they are still green. 

If bananas are kept together in a bunch, they will ripen more quickly. 

Spread them out and don’t cover them up. Keep them away from other fruit unless you want them to ripen as well. 

BUT, a great tip is if you want your avocado or mango (or other fruit) to ripen more quickly, put it in a paper bag with a ripe banana (or pineapple), close it up for a day or two, and it will ripen more quickly. Of course, your banana might get overripe by that time.

Caution: Do not get banana sap on your clothes.
Wear OLD clothes. The sap will stain your clothing.
Banana sap is also a medicine for sore throats, but tastes NASTY.
I froze lots of bananas, gave away lots of bananas, and have eaten lots of bananas. Frozen bananas are great for smoothies and of course, banana bread. I also like to dehydrate them, but that takes time. 

Tip: If bananas get overripe, they get even sweeter and more delicious in banana bread.

If you freeze them, make sure to remove the peels first. It’s a lot easier when you want to use them later.  

By the way, this variety is an ice cream banana, super soft and creamy.
It's different from an apple banana, which is a firmer,
small banana often found in farmers markets. 

By the way, Mercury has been in retrograde. It's a weird astronomical cycle when the planet Mercury appears to go in reverse for three weeks. Astrologers say it's a time when there are more computer glitches, problems with communication and contracts, and electronic issues since Mercury is the planet of communication.  My logical brain wants to deny Mercury being in retrograde, but when the computer acts up and there are way more snafus than usual, I try to double and triple check everything. 

As a side effect of extra work and computer issues, I've also been blogging a lot less this month. Plus, I'm gearing up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge next month. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monsanto Rumblings on Maui

The pillbox mural at Ho'okipa (on the road from Paia to Haiku) got another paint job. This time, to evict Monsanto, which has a huge presence on Maui and throughout Hawaii with fields of GMO crops. There's a lot of anti GMO- activism on Maui, or at least in the circles I frequent. An event is scheduled on March 23rd: March on Monsanto on Maui

Monday, March 4, 2013

Native Intelligence - Where to find real Hawaiian items

Native Intelligence is a thoughtfully run retail store in Wailuku.
The store sells traditional Hawaiian items and promotes Hawaiian culture. This store is a real treasure because you'll find items that are authentically Hawaiian and are well-made. They are not cheap tourist souvenirs. Native Intelligence also stocks an excellent assortment of Hawaiiana books.