Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makawao Farmers Market - Moved!

The Makawao Farmers Market has a new location on Olinda Road.
It moved two weeks ago.
The market calls itself the original Makawao Farmers Market 

because the location they used to have, 
in the empty lot across from Rodeo General Store, has been taken over by a new vendor, 
who supposedly doesn't sell local produce.

This market is still on Wednesdays, from 10 am to 2 pm,
on the grounds of historic Po'okela Church on Olinda Road.
I got there kind of late, after 3 pm,
because I totally forgot that it was Wednesday
and I happened to be in Makawao and saw the signs for the market.
Best to get there way before 2 pm as the vendors like to pack up early,

 especially if they are sold out.
It's the same group of vendors from the old location on Baldwin Avenue.
Kale farmer Debbie explains that
the market also outgrew its original location...
with more and more vendors.

It's a great location with plenty of room.
To join the market, contact Debbie at 808-419-1570.
She said I was welcome to post her number online.
Debbie also organizes the farmers market at Maliko Gulch

which will now be open on Mondays instead of Saturdays.


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