Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Beach

(Update 5/8/16 - in the process of redoing this post)

B is for Beach

Beaches are one of the main things people associate with Hawaii. If you visit Hawaii without going to the beach, it’s almost sacrilegious.

There are so many fine beaches on Maui, that I could devote an entire website – or more! - just to beaches, but I’ve got to keep this kinda short, as part of the A to Z Challenge. There are beaches that are great for snorkeling, others that are more romantic, beaches for weddings or sunsets, secluded beaches, windsurfing beaches, family friendly beaches, snorkeling beaches, hippie beaches, etc. On Maui, beaches can even come in different colors: black sand, red sand, tan or golden sand to whiter sand... and with different textures of sand.  

Po'olenalena Beach on Maui's South Shore.
(Look - no one is there...It looks empty!)

Since my theme is classic Hawaii vacation symbols: fantasy and reality, let's talk about beach fantasies. Bikini clad beach girls, bronzed beach
boys, mai tais on the beach, half-clad hula girls, snorkeling, whale watching from the beach, surfing…

Source: original photo by Maui Jungalow, model: Krista McCabe.
Belly jewelry by: Leilani Benatovich.


Reality – sunburn, sandblasting, umbrella gets blown away, dangerous waters…

Look familiar? Sunburn, lobster red sunburn... 

A toe cut from an unexpected wave that pushed me on 
some sharp rocks in the water.
Not fun! Gotta watch out for waves!

Beware those flying umbrellas on Maui. The Maui wind kicks butt!

Uh oh, grumpy tired kids from too much sun, or jet lag, or hunger...

Are your kids grumpy and tired of being on the beach all day?  Another beach reality that can happen. 

I haven't even mentioned sandblasting yet... that's when you go to the beach on a super windy day and get a full body exfoliation. North Shore beaches in the afternoon are more prone to wind, but I've been sandblasted on the South Shore. Thankfully, not very often. Oh, and then there's when it rains on the beach... 

You know, I think I'd rather go look at the beach fantasy pics - those were more fun! Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks Judi! I'd rather be at the beach today too!

  2. Great topic! You see things that most don't. It's a gift, and thank you for sharing.

  3. What a gorgeous photo of a beach...I'd love to hang out for an afternoon at a deserted one. A dream come true!

  4. Beautiful pictures.

    This is the second post I've read, today, about beaches/the ocean. I think the universe may be trying to tell me something....(time for a vacation).

  5. OOoh I dislike wind! Mind you, your wind is probably warm....the wind on the beach I was on in England today was bitterly cold!

  6. Mahalo Yvonne!

  7. Usually the wind is warm (and it's probably warmer than England)... Thank you for commenting!

  8. Yes, take a vacation!

  9. Dreams can happen! There are lots of secluded beaches where no one else is around (or hardly anyone).

  10. It may not be perfect but when you live in a landlocked state like Colorado, the beaches at Maui look pretty good. I love the ocean. Nice post.

  11. Oh, and don't forget the rain. I still love an ocean beach.

  12. Wry grin... yes, who could forget?


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