Saturday, April 12, 2014

5 Reasons To Go To The Haiku Flower Festival (Haiku Hoolaulea)

  1. To look for hippies. Haiku has them in quantity. You can never see too many hippies, and the Flower Festival is a great excuse to look for them.

    Hippies! The Flower Children of Haiku.

  2. To learn to make a haku lei. The Native Hawaiian Plant Society has a great booth with native plants materials and they will teach you to make a haku lei.
    Haku lei in progress.

  3. To see a school garden. You may have been curious to see what a school garden in Hawaii looks like and what kinds of things they grow. Here’s your chance to see one.
    1. The sign for the Haiku School Garden.

  4. You’re interested in local history. Usually there are exhibits on the history of Haiku, old photographs, and displays of plantation life.
    1. Schedule from a previous year.
  5. To see (and buy) the cool art the students are making. The slipper storage box was one of many charming pieces of art for sale. 
A storage chest for slippahs (or slippers), since this is the
preferred footwear in Hawaii,
and we don't want to wear them inside the house.

Also, there are some great booths, ones that you may not see at a bigger festival which has more expensive booth fees.  There are also food booths and live entertainment. Proceeds from the festival go to support programs at Haiku Elementary School. The festival is free, but if you want to park nearby, it’s $3 (or maybe $5 this year).

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  1. Wait--hippies in Hawaii? I never knew!

    Stephanie Faris, author


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