Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Libraries on Maui (More Than Books)

Libraries on Maui (More Than Books)

In the internet age, libraries are often an overlooked resource, but they provide a lot of bang for one’s buck. Hawaii’s public libraries are exceptional in that they are a statewide public library system. If only other government agencies were managed as well as the libraries.

What is great about Hawaii’s public library system?

·        One can borrow from any public library in the state, even on a different island and your tax dollars will transport those library items to your nearby branch.
·        One can return most books or other materials to any other public library. This is very helpful if you want to avoid late fees. Each library has different hours so you can arrange to return an overdue book when a library is closed but before they reopen to avoid a fine. (Not me, I would never do such a thing.)
·        Library fines are nominal, only 25 cents per item per day, though DVDs I believe are $1 per day. (Who me? Late fees? Never!)
·        Magazines do not count towards library fines.
·        Most items can be borrowed for three weeks and renewed at least once, meaning you can use something for six weeks.
·        Membership is free for any Hawaii resident, and is available for visitors for a fee, maybe $50. I believe it’s a one-time fee, as opposed to a recurring annual charge.
·        Libraries have great free online classes and resources, like Microsoft Training or language learning, even learning to create a Wordpress blog. You don’t have to learn in the library, you can learn at home.
·        Some libraries have meeting rooms that you can reserve for free.
·        Reference librarians are real people and can answer questions, look up information for you, which is helpful for things that Google doesn’t have much information on, like some of the topics I researched for last year’s A to Z Challenge.
·        One can borrow ebooks through the public library system.
·        Free events like ghost stories with Kathy Collins (Maui’s funny comedian) or live music.
·        A great Hawaiiana section (everything you want to know about Hawaii, and that often isn’t on the internet).

Libraries. Use often. Rinse (No, don't!) Repeat. 
Visit the Hawaii public library website for more info.

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The theme of this year’s A to Z Challenge is Living on Maui: A Beginner’s Survival Guide. While I can’t include everything in only 26 short blog posts, this is my foolish attempt.

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