Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Talking Story" With Noble Portrait About Art And Writing From Hawaii

In January, I had a wonderful Skype chat with Adam Ziemba of Noble Portrait. In Hawaii, we call this "talking story." Adam is interested in art, writing, and the creative process. He’s created a website for custom painted portraits

This is a real sign on a well-known artist's studio on Maui. The colors are different than in real life. Anyone know the artist?

The internet is a remarkable place to meet people that you may never meet in person but whom you can still “know” and be “friends” with through common interests. Sometimes people will share things about themselves online that they might not share with their friends in real life, if the topic or theme invites real conversation.   

Adam found me through an artist friend on Twitter, Dan Miller of Impression Evergreen. Dan shares a lot of art images on social media and is a gifted artist and keen observer of nature. Dan and I both survived the A to Z Challenge which happens every year in April. It’s a blog hop that involves blogging for each letter of the alphabet AND visiting other participating blogs.

Adam and I talked about the A to Z Challenge and creativity, writing and art. Adam agrees that art can have a broad definition, and is not limited only to “fine art.” You can read the interview: “Art and Writing from Hawaii” here.

Part of the reason I haven’t posted about this interview earlier is because I personally have been on the fence regarding participating in the A to Z Challenge this April – which is starting in two days. My commitment muscles are a bit weak this spring. But I’ll know for sure tomorrow whether I’m participating or not!  Dan is committed to joining the A to Z Challenge, so check out his blog on April 1st. Another virtual friend, Judy of 50 & Fabulous, may also be participating. (No pressure, Judy!)