Friday, April 15, 2016


Welcome to Makawao sign.
Cowboys, yoga, art galleries, pastries.

When I think of Makawao, that’s what comes to mind.

Makawao is a sleepy country town nestled in the hills. I think of it as the gateway to Upcountry. “Downtown” is two main streets that cross at a 4-way intersection without a traffic light. Each car waits its turn.

The 4-way stop where Baldwin Avenue and Makawao Avenue, the two main roads in Makawao, intersect.

To get there from my house, I pass a deep gulch just outside the outskirts of Makawao, then a big church called St. Joseph’s.

Makawao is known for the annual 4th of July Rodeo and Parade. Up the hill, there is an arena with rodeos throughout the year.  Other Makawao events include the Seabury Hall Craft Fair,  St. Joseph's Feast, Upcountry Fair, and Third Friday Town Parties.

Shops in Makawao reflect a cowboy heritage – yes there are cowboys in Hawaii, and I’ve seen people ride horses through town – but there are also modern influences: yoga studios, art galleries, cafes, and boutiques.

Makawao's cowboy heritage: horseshoe heart, cowboy silhouette, painted bull at Miyake Concrete.
Makawao is home to the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, the Montessori School, the Makawao History Museum, and Seabury Hall, a prestigious private school. 

The century-old Komoda Store and Bakery is a favorite landmark. The low-key exterior reflects nothing special, but Maui residents come here in droves for cream puffs and pastries. If you come in the afternoon, Komoda’s is often closed because it has sold out for the day.

Komoda Store and Bakery.
There is also a well-known Chinese medicine and herbal shop called Dragon's Den, one of the first places I got to know on Maui. Makawao has one of the few places for nightlife in Upcountry Maui: Casanova - a restaurant with a dance floor. If you are single on Maui, you will eventually go there.

Makawao looks sleepy from the outside, but can be quite happening at night!

Rainbows are often seen in Makawao. And it's sunnier usually than Haiku.

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