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X-ed Off The Map – Places That No Longer Exist

Here I have a moment of sadness, thinking of how Maui has changed in only the 11 years I have lived here. Places come and go. Old family businesses close because parents retire and the children don’t want to continue, people lose leases, or the rent goes up. Restaurants have a small profit margin to begin with, anywhere in the US, but have higher costs on Maui with costs of importing food, hiring workers who would rather be surfing, and paying for leases.

My list is particularly long for Paia, because Paia is such a small town and I drive through it all the time. I’m sure there are countless places I haven’t included – these are the ones that I remember. 

A few places in Paia that have closed: Fresh Mint vegetarian restaurant, Maui 8th Wonder (now a food truck), Moana Bakery & Cafe (changed owners, became Dazoo, then closed).
Paia General Store
Piero Resta art studio
Konrad's Ship Gallery
Moana Bakery & Café
Fresh Mint
Cakewalk Paia
Hawaii Bound Vacation Rentals
Sutrov Gallery
North Shore Art Therapy
Paia Yoga
Agua de Flora
Anthony’s Coffee
Haz Beans Coffee
8th Wonder Maui Tacos (store closed, but they now have a food truck in Kahului)
Raw – raw food restaurant
Live Wire Café
Green Banana Café
Paia Laundromat
Montana House (an abandoned house on Baldwin Beach) that has been razed
Maui Food Forest – an attempt to create a food forest at Laakea Farm

A falafel food truck that opened in 2012 outside Paia, then closed a few months later before I got around to blogging about them.

Hana Hou
Studio Maui – a major loss
North Shore Café
Spice N Rice
Pauwela Café
Pan by Vasi’s
Vasi’s Catering
Upcountry Fitness

Upcountry Fine Art - art supply shop and gallery owned by a friend
Aloha Cowboy

Kula / Pukalani
Café 808
Get Raw

Laulima Smoothie Stand – The Farm Stand is still open but the bicycle powered smoothie part of the stand closed in 2011 due to state health regulations (no running water), to the protest of many Maui residents.

Blending a smoothie by peddling a bicycle at Laulima Farm Stand. Photo used with permission by artist Kristin Crane. Read Kristin's original blog post about food on Maui here.

Joe’s Bar & Grill
Stella Blues (very sad)
Café Carmen
Paradise Smoothie Stand (I think that was the name of it, closed many years ago)
Serpico’s Pizza
Pita Paradise – but the fancier location is still open
Makena Grill
Kiwi Roadhouse
Awakening in Paradise
Marcos South Side

Buzz’s Wharf
Maalaea Grill
Maalaea Community Garden (many years ago)

Fruit tart at Maui Bake Shop.

Ooka’s – a landmark local grocery store
Cafe Marc Aurel (VERY VERY SAD) My favorite watering hole in Wailuku.This bohemian European style café, closed when INS grabbed Marc Aurel and sent him back to Europe.
Yakiniku Steak House
Swinging Bridges Hike – this is actually still there, but the access is closed with a big gate. : (
Minka Maui – a boutique. I have no idea where Nonie Candelaria went. 
Maui Bake Shop
Gallery Ha - Pat Masumoto's art studio
Maui Booksellers - where Maui poetry slams were held in the early 2000s

Manana Garage
See’s Candy
Ben & Jerry’s
Liberty House
JC Penney
Borders (WAAAH!)
Walden Books
Ruby’s Diner – unexpectedly overnight, before I could blog about them.
Dragon Dragon
Star Market (now Whole Foods) 
Fruit stand that is now where Costco is located. This was the only place in the 80s that stayed open late in the evening, after the grocery stores closed. Apparently, Safeway added evening  hours in the 90s. (This is before my time.)
Finder's Keepers

(My list for Lahaina is weak because I go there rarely.)
David Paul’s Island Grill
Chez Paul 

Countless farmers markets have started and closed. 

So many restaurants closed in 2014, that a friend wrote this Facebook post (only 141 comments - you can click on the comments to read them):


What favorite places have I missed? If you’ve been to Maui, comment below.

Change is not all bad – there are new restaurants, businesses, and stores opening all the time, some to great acclaim and popularity. Just this week, I finally got to try a new restaurant in Paia, called Provisions, at the location of the former Moana Bakery and Café. Nonetheless, a moment of reflection for the past. 

Writing a post like this reminds me of a fundamental principle in my life: Eat Dessert First. (This means: Celebrate the sweetness of life while you have it.) Then after the meal, eat a little more dessert. : )

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