Friday, April 29, 2016

YMCA Camp Keanae

The YMCA Camp in Keanae is located on the beautiful and rocky north coast of Maui, along the Road to Hana. Keanae is like the “Halfway to Hana” point, when you know you’re almost in Hana, and just have another 30 or so one-lane bridges to cross and maybe 200 (or 300?) S-curves and switchbacks ahead. Keanae is roughly pronounced, “Kay – en – aye” like saying quickly “Kay and I” went to the store without saying the “d.” 

YMCA Camp Keanae is located right on the Hana Highway, aka the Road to Hana.
It has affordable camping relatively close to Hana, since halfway to Hana is a major accomplishment, with tent spaces and cabins. The YMCA Camp overlooks the ocean and has major facilities: a kitchen and dining area; buildings for yoga, workshops, or art shows; a gymnasium; bathrooms with hot, running water; and open grassy lawns for outdoor yoga and drumming circles.

The YMCA Camp is perfect for accommodating large retreats, gatherings and workshops for everyone from Boy Scouts, meditation groups, youth clubs, business organizations, and nonprofits. It can sleep up to 170 people. The Sufi Group on Maui has an annual fall retreat or “Sufi camp” as they call it. Source Maui held its Soggy Man festival – Maui’s answer to Burning Man – here. This is a great location for a big family reunion.

Overlooking the ocean at YMCA Camp Keanae.
But you don't have to be a large group either. They can accommodate individual campers too, as long as the entire campground is not being occupied by a large party. Camping starts at $25 per person or $40 for a family. If your idea of camping is room service at a hotel, then cabins are also available!

The main downside is that during the winter months, YMCA Camp can be kind of wet and, if you have a lot of people trampling around, muddy.

This is a pic of the "mud people" from the Source Maui 2012 Festival.
Nearby is the Keanae Peninusula, which is gorgeous and worth exploring. There is a banana bread stand and an old church nearby, plus other beautiful spots. 

Phone: 808-248-8355 

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