Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kiawe Harvest Camp 2016

Sunny Savage, a wild food plant expert, is hosting a series of kiawe harvesting camps in July on Maui for the week-long International Crop Biodiversity Festival (ICBF) in late August.

Kiawe (pronounced “kee – ah – vay”) is the Hawaiian word for mesquite, Prosopis pallida, and grows wild throughout the south and west sides of Maui and other dry and hot locations on the island. It is found throughout Hawaii.

The pods are edible, delicious, and naturally sweet. Participants will learn how to select kiawe beans properly and how to prepare them for grinding. Bucketfuls of kiawe pods will be gathered and cleaned so they can be milled during the ICBF.  As part of the festival, a team from Oahu’s kiawe harvest group will bring a professional mill to Maui to grind the kiawe beans into flour.

Currently, three dates are slated for kiawe harvest camp:

July 17
July 24
July 31

Please contact Sunny Savage for more information or to participate. The harvesting camps are by donation with a potluck lunch.

Read more about harvesting kiawe from last year.

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