Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dating on Maui? Stream of Consciousness Saturday Post

It’s been rumored through the coconut wireless that Maui is a hard place to find a date.
That one could find a date, but then wouldn’t want to go on a date…

At a workshop where participants shared what was going on for them, one man stepped in the center of the circle. 

He lay on the ground and began swimming. 

“Maui has a shallow dating pool.” he announced with exaggerated strokes. We burst out laughing. He flopped on the ground some more and got back up.

Could this be a shallow dating pool? (It's actually a bird bath at the beach.)

It seems that there should be lots of people eligible to date here. Lots of tourists and temporary residents. I think out of 10 random people, 7 are tourists. Ok, maybe that’s not true. But sometimes it feels like that on Maui.

A friend has another theory. She says Maui attracts a lot of defective people. Say what?! She calls them “broken toys.” I think my mouth dropped open. She continued, “People who are immature and just want to play but can’t handle being in a relationship.”

Another friend said he went to a birthday party. It was all single girls and he was the only guy. He said it was a guy bashing fest. Every woman there had an ax to grind about how her boyfriend or husband disappointed her and didn’t come through.

People are always looking for love. (Heart made of coral rocks at the beach.)

Yet I have friends who have met on Maui and found true love, and have even gotten married.
DH says Honolulu is a better place to date – much bigger population – and Maui is better to be married. He has stories of dating in Waikiki that always sound like some Hollywood movie.

In typical DH fashion, he added, “A good man is hard to find.” 
And then with a wink, “A hard man is good to find.”

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