Saturday, August 6, 2016

Expectations of Free Shipping Replaced By Gecko Poop - Stream of Consciousness Saturday

One accepts certain things as inevitable when living on Maui:

  • Gecko poop on something clean.
  • The ocean wanting to snatch hats and sunglasses.
  • People arriving 10 -15 min late for everything, even an hour late, because it’s “Maui time.”
And then there’s free shipping. Ahem.

It’s usually never really free.

You place the order, so hopeful, give your full mailing address and credit card details. Hit the next button.

There it is. $100 for shipping to Hawaii by FedEx.

Because free shipping is only to the contiguous 48 states.

Too bad Alaska and Hawaii, not to mention Guam and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

I found this screenshot in my photos. It's not the $100 shipping by FedEx or UPS to Hawaii in lieu of free shipping, but it's related. Instead this is NO shipping to Hawaii - although the email offer promised free shipping. Sigh. This is from Thrive Market. I wish they would tell you before going to all the trouble to sign up! I was so hopeful. It looked so cool. Swapping stuff you don’t want. Free shipping for new sign-ups. Darn. No free shipping to Hawaii.

I guess that’s why we love Amazon so much here. Most of the time, free shipping really is free. With Amazon Prime. Not trying to be an advertisement for them, it’s just that free shipping that equals $100 shipping by UPS or FedEx just isn’t fun. Especially when the item is only $7. 

Oh well, I guess I didn’t really need that item. Maybe I can do something else besides shopping, like watch the geckos chase flies. And leave gecko poop on my clean window sill. 

In case you were wondering what gecko poop looks like. This isn't the best pic. It's like an exclamation mark with a white point at the tip. It's the length of my smallest fingernail.

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