Saturday, April 1, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: Signs, Stickers, Street Art, and Graffiti on Maui

Every year I hesitate doing the A to Z Challenge, an annual blog hop that happens in April, and then as April creeps closer, I think maybe I’ll just dip my toes in the water. 

So… my theme is: “Signs, Stickers, Street Art and Graffiti on Maui” which will be very broadly interpreted. Signs can include altered street signs, handwritten signs, vanity license plates, painted signs or words across a building, even murals. Maui also has a lot of stickers: people here like to stick stickers on everything: cars, street signs, walls, fences, road barriers. Although Maui isn't an urban place, there is a lot of street art - even if there are no other buildings nearby!

Since it’s a blog hop, other participating bloggers visit my site and leave comments, and I visit other sites. The blog hop is designed so that the 26 letters of the alphabet can be interpreted in April, one letter for each day, except Sunday. Sundays give everyone a day to rest and catch up. This year, my posts will be much shorter than in past years so that’s it’s less work for other A to Z Challenge bloggers to visit.

My own rule this year: No more than 3 photos per blog post. This is designed to keep me from diving into the time-sucking black hole of photo-editing, formatting, and uploading.
In particular, I'll be sharing many photos of a structure from WWII, a concrete building that used to be an old communications station. It’s visible from the highway near Hookipa, a famous windsurfing spot.  Although the pillbox is located on private land, it has become something of a community message board, and is painted and repainted with greetings, signs, street art, random pictures and graffiti. I think of it as the Hookipa pillbox – if you google “WWII pillbox, ” you’ll see similar structures. Even though there are no other buildings nearby, the pillbox is the kind of "street art" found on Maui.

I'll post my letter A tomorrow. 

See you then!

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