Friday, April 7, 2017

Flower of Life and Maui Family - Street Art & Stickers

"Awaken to the light within." Ancient Flower of Life symbol painted by Parker, an artist on Maui, at the Hookipa pillbox. One day I met Parker and he talked a lot about the Flower of Life, but that's another story for another day.

Michelangelo inspired street art. Reference to the Creation of Adam painted by Michelangelo. There is also a Flower of Life symbol where God and Adam's hands are almost touching. This was painted by Parker at the Hookipa pillbox.
For a change of pace, this is a sticker that I saw on a restaurant window. "Save Maui, Visit Kauai" Maui Family. Around this time, early 2012, I was seeing Maui Family stickers and slogans in a lot of different places: on street signs, on walls, on bulletin boards. I never figured out the mystery of the Maui Family. Who is the Maui Family? What do they want? Is it really that organized, or more an idea in someone's head? I think this sign is meant to encourage tourists to go to Kauai, a much quieter island than Maui because some people think Maui is overrun with tourists.

My theme this year is “Signs, Stickers, Street Art, and Graffiti on Maui.” As a departure from my A to Z Challenge posts in previous years, the blog posts will be very short. To read more about my theme and how I interpreted it, visit here.

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