Saturday, April 8, 2017

Groovy Tuesday, Graffiti, and Graduation - Street Art

Groovy Tuesday sign at the Hookipa Pillbox. Is it street art? Maybe not, because it's mostly words. The picture on the side - I'm not sure what that's supposed to represent. Maybe a yoga pose like "down dog in a kayak" asana? What do you think it means? Is it a symbol? Photo was taken 11/7/12.
Graffiti, reggae style? Any ideas on this? Would you call this art or street art, or just graffiti? It's actually pretty colorful and artistic. Feel free to comment below. Pic taken 4/30/14 at the Hookipa pillbox. This is only one example of graffiti on Maui.
Graduation! Congrats to Justin Kaela, whoever you are for getting your Master of Arts in 2014. This pic was taken at the Hookipa pillbox.

My theme this year is “Signs, Stickers, Street Art, and Graffiti on Maui.” As a departure from my A to Z Challenge posts in previous years, the blog posts will be very short. To read more about my theme and how I interpreted it, visit here

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