Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mayor of Kuau, Monsanto, and Missing Persons - Street Art

Mayor of Kuau. Who knows who he is? But he's having a great time, surfing, golfing, cycling. And there's a cat! Photo taken 4/22/13.
Evict Monsanto, no GMO. Sign painted at the Hookipa pillbox around 3/5/13. 2013 began a period of intense activism towards Monsanto, a company which grows GMO test crops on Maui and throughout Hawaii.
Never give up. Still missing. This is a missing persons sign at a pillbox in a former sugar cane field on Mokulele Highway, from Kahului to Kihei. This is a recent photograph and the sign is still there, as of late March 2017. Charli Scott is listed, although that case is now solved.

My theme this year is “Signs, Stickers, Street Art, and Graffiti on Maui.” As a departure from my A to Z Challenge posts in previous years, the blog posts will be very short. To read more about my theme and how I interpreted it, visit here.

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