Sunday, April 30, 2017

Zane and Zozo - Street Art

Zane and the octopus - birthday greeting at the Hookipa pillbox, 8/8/2013. The side wall say "Happy F--king Birthday! Love you beautiful."

Prom Zozo? Would you say yes? You can say that this question was painted over a birthday greeting, "Happy 18th Julesy!" It's interesting to have the wall painted over and over again.  Photo taken 3/27/15. There's another prom proposal in the Q post.
My theme this year is “Signs, Stickers, Street Art, and Graffiti on Maui.” As a departure from my A to Z Challenge posts in previous years, the blog posts have been very short. To read more about my theme and how I interpreted it, visit here

Many of these photos depict a structure from WWII, a concrete building that used to be an old communications station. It’s visible from the highway near Hookipa, a famous windsurfing spot.  Although the pillbox is located on private land, it has become something of a community message board, and is painted and repainted with greetings, signs, random pictures and graffiti. I think of it as the Hookipa pillbox – if you google “WWII pillbox, ” you’ll see similar structures.

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Question for commenters: If you were painting a sign or a greeting on the pillbox, what would you paint? 

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